Women’s Golf

Rhode Island has a wonderful and strong tradition of women’s golf in the state …

We are committed to the women golfer! We are fortunate to know many local and national women golfers and are pleased to bring their stories to you.

Below are some of the women golfers that we have had the chance to meet and learn more about:

met Anne Sparks last year when I attended the Dave Pelz Golf One Day Scoring School at Maplegate Country Club. Since that first meeting, I have come to rely on Annes guidance and mentoring to help improve my putting and my overall approach to the game. I hold Anne in the highest esteem and as look at those who have impacted my development; it certainly has been Anne Sparks. So to the say least, it is my great pleasure to share with you what I knew about Anne, and what I have learned about her.Annie Sparks of Dave Pelz Golf in RhodyGolf.com’s Featured PRO-File.

First, before we can go any further, it is necessary for us to define the word professional. I have found that many use, and misuse this word. In fact, I contend that this word is largely overused.