Flexibility Strectches

How can I take this golf ball that I am looking at and knock the inside out of it? Many of us who love to golf have looked down at that sweet little ball and have uttered those very words.

These thoughts come to us because there are times when everything works perfectly in our swing and we hit an AWESOME DRIVE. You know what I mean, one of those drives that make us walk a little taller and breathe a little deeper. For that moment in time we can play all the great players that the game has ever produced. We stroll to our ball in the middle of the fairway, we check the wind and we set-up for another moment in greatness. We pull our club of destruction and we proceed to hit our next great shot.however, as we look to follow its flight we see it head straight for the woods. Unwanted has returned abruptly and uninvited back to our current round.As we know, hitting our drives farther has many advantages. The biggest advantage is the fact that your second and subsequent shots are closer to the green. This is not rocket science folks. Which one of you would not like to hit one or two less clubs for your second shot? All things being equal, most of us would prefer to hit our 7 iron rather than our 5 iron. Give me a 9 iron any day over my 7 iron, or even my 8 iron.
I mention these things to help us look at an area of the golf swing where I personally see people struggle. Many people mistakenly believe that if they swing harder that they will be able to hit the ball longer. It is true that greater club head speed can help produce distance when all other aspects of the swing are optimal such as launch angle (See Chris Mitsons Current Chop Shop Article regarding being properly fitted for a shaft). However, there is a BIG difference between generating more club head speed and simply swing harder.The top long drive distance champions can achieve great club head speed. These swing speeds can achieve speeds in excess of 140 miles per hour (mph). However, compare this speed with those of PGA Tour Players whose speeds may top out at 125 mph, and keep in mind that the tour average is well below this speed.
My focus for us this time is increasing our FLEXIBILITY. Here are a few of my favorite exercises which I use, and which I think most golfers can benefit from to help increase driving distance.